• Neem Oil Products

    Neem Oil Spring is finally here! It’s finally time to enjoy the warmth from the sun, the green grass, green trees, and bugs. Wait a minute! Did we say bugs?! Along with joys of spring, come these pesky critters. How do we get rid of these harassing things? The answer is Neem Oil. Here at Omaha Organics, we seek the safest alternatives to take […]

  • EverWild Logo

    About Kyle Johnson Kyle Johnson is the owner and founder of EverWild Greenspaces. Stemming from his childhood love of the outdoors, Kyle was drawn to a career in horticulture at an early age. While growing up in rural eastern Nebraska, his first job was working for his aunt and uncle who raised pheasants and other gamebirds. Outside of work and school, much of Kyle’s free time […]

  • Everwild Greenspaces

    EverWild Greenspaces At EverWild Greenspaces we believe that every landscape has the potential to look beautiful, be low-maintenance, and have a positive impact on the environment. Whether it’s curb appeal to would-be buyers or a pleasant view from your kitchen table, visual appeal is a high priority. Trees create structure and define space. Colorful perennials offer waves of seasonal vibrancy. A meandering flagstone foot […]

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